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What we do


Speak Out is a state-wide advocacy service that has members with intellectual disability. We aim to develop a respectful and inclusive community for people living with a disability.

What is advocacy?

Advocacy means ‘standing beside’ someone, or standing up for someone’s rights.

An advocate is on your side if you are being treated unfairly and will help you work out what you want and how they can help you. Speak Out employs advocates who are experienced in working with people living with a disability.


Who can use Speak Out?

People with all types of disabilities as stated in the Disability Services Act (Tas). That is if you have a disability that:

  • Is permanent or likely to be permanent, and;

  • The disability causes you to have difficulties with communication, learning or mobility, and;

  • You need support services to help you.

Speak Out may NOT be able to help if

  • The advocate thinks there is another service that is better able to meet your needs;

  • There is not an advocate with the time available when you need help.

If this is the case, we will refer you to the service that is best able to help you.

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