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Speak Out Information about the Royal Commission

Speak Out provides the following information about the Royal Commission.

Download Easy to Read Fact Sheet (PDF, 3.6mB)

1. If you want to share your story – getting ready

You need to write down your address and how the Royal Commission can contact you.
You will need to think about how you were treated badly or hurt.
You need to know where and when this happened.
You can get help to do this if you need it.
Think about what help you need to tell your story.
There are many different ways you can tell your story.
Speak Out can help you.

2. Talking to the Royal Commission

There are a number of ways you can talk to the people at the Royal Commission.
You can ask them anything about the Royal Commission.
You can ring them on 1800 517 199.
If you are Deaf, you can call the National Relay Service and tell them you want to call 02 6141 4770.
You can email the Royal Commission at
You can write them a letter at:
GPO Box 1322
Qld, 4001

3. Getting Help

Speak Out can:

  • help you tell your story
  • protect your rights
  • help you say what you want to say
  • help you think about what is in your best interest.

We can also help you find other support and advice.
You can get lots of help from people who can give you legal advice;
help you with communication including interpreters;
give you emotional support – they can help you with how you feel;
help you with money if you need it to tell our story.

There is also a list of the types of support on the Royal Commission website. You can find this by clicking here.

4. Upcoming Events

To view upcoming events, please click here.

Contacting Speak Out

If you would like Speak Out to help you with the Royal Commission:

We will announce where  Speak Out will have information sessions very soon.

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